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CRD Performance Enhancements



As passion for automobiles drives most to customise their cars, many already have a plan even before they own the vehicle, while some are left with the question of “What to do”.

At CRD we understand the passion that drives enthusiasts to individualise their cars, with over 20 years experience in enhancing vehicles we are able to guide you along every step of the way, ensuring you don’t make any costly mistakes.

As a general guideline we have condensed vehicle performance enhancements into five main groups:

  • Visual
  • Audible
  • Handling
  • Braking
  • Performance / Acceleration

Although not necessarily in any particular order the following is a list of the more popular performance enhancements:

  • Hi performance road tyres, street legal semi slicks & lightweight rims
  • Brake system upgrades with improved disc rotors, callipers, brake fluid & brake pads
  • Improved stance & handling with coilover suspension or spring upgrade packages
  • Engine Management System upgrades, OEM ECU flash tuning & custom dyno tuning
  • Sports exhaust system upgrades from high quality stainless steel metal
  • Cold air induction system upgrade kits
  • Cylinder head upgrades, camshaft packages, valves spring packages
  • Upgraded turbochargers or turbocharger kits plus supercharger kits
  • Pistons, conrods, crankshafts or stroker kits

You can rely on CRD to help you unlock the power and the passion for your vehicle, leaning on our experience to provide you with sound advice, high quality parts and professional installation services with which our clientele have become accustomed to.