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Old-school readers may remember Croydon Racing Development’s early ’90s exploitation of the Suzuki Swift GTi. What Croydon did with these little 1.3L screamers remains legendary to this day for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the power that was seen from such small-capacity engines was mind-blowing, with 400-odd horsepower being common in street cars, but there is also the fact that Croydon played such a major role in making the performance four-cylinder scene what it is today.

Of course, there were always Geminis and Escorts getting around as the hot fours of the day, but the GTi marked a hugely significant turning point in the tuning scene, with enthusiasts’ eyes opened up to a whole new world of late-model, high-tech modifications. Croydon’s Jim Souvas was there from the start, and the research and development that he embarked on more than 20 years ago has mutated into one of Australia’s biggest and most advanced tuning houses to date.

It wasn’t always like this, though, with CRD starting out as Croydon Autosports in the Sydney suburb of, surprise surprise, Croydon. After turning out some of the scene’s most original and revolutionary project cars, demand dictated an expansion into their Five Dock workshop. It wasn’t long after this that a partnership was formed with Racing Emotion – a one-stop-shop for late-model Japanese car freaks.

Just one look at the current premises at 9 Blaxland St Silverwater is enough to realise these guys must be good at what they do, and are here to stay. Despite the move to Silverwater, the new name is Croydon Racing Developments. Things have also come a long way as far as cars commonly found in the workshop go, with Nissans taking up most of the space. You could say this is a good representation of today’s performance scene, with imports being the best bang-for-buck option around. To accommodate this, CRD has developed a bond with Japan’s JUN Auto, HKS and NITTO Performance Engineering, bringing world-class engines and parts to our shores.

A number of engine combinations are available using these parts, depending on the application, from big-power Street engines to all-out Drag motors, all assembled in CRD’s engine-building room.

CRD's reputation is built upon multiple world-class achievements including winning, multiple Autosalon “Final Battle Dyno” competitions, multiple Australian Production Car Championships, national endurance races along with a number of world record breaking drag racing titles.

Screwing together some of Australia's toughest Nissan RB26s, SR20s and Mitsubishi’s infamous 4G63 are only part of the service, with CRD being widely respected for its aftermarket ECU tuning prowess, including a rather impressive reputation for getting the most out of aftermarket ECU tuning by using the in-house AWD Dyno Dynamics dynamometer. As part of its current workshop, Croydon Racing Developments boasts a large showroom, carrying a massive range of products like Akrapovic, AMS, COBB Tuning, Haltech, Herrod SCT, HKS, Injector Dynamics, JUN, Motec, NisTune, Nitto, OS Giken, Tomei, VCM Suite, and more.

Backing up its reputation is a long list of racing achievements, with the legendary GTR700 R33 GT-R and ‘DEVLSH’ S14 Silvia drag cars leading the charge. Both cars are due to head back onto the strip very shortly to continue the assault on the Australian and world drag stage. As it stands, GTR700 was until recently the fastest Nissan GT-R outside of Japan, and the third-fastest GT-R in the world. DEVLSH is certainly no lightweight either, being the fastest 200SX in the world. CRD’s own FWD drag warrior, the ‘MRDMGE’ EG Civic, also looks set to make a long-awaited return to the track.

From humble beginnings, it’s safe to say Jim and the team at CRD are right up there as one of the most prominent workshops in the performance tuning industry, in the world outside of Japan. Be sure to keep an eye on the drag strip as well as the race track for more wild cars and engines from CRD.


CRD's manager Jim Souvas has been involved in more motorsport than you can poke a stick at:

First Australian AWDs into 11sec, 9sec and 8sec brackets, fastest 200SX in the world, third-fastest GT-R in the world/fastest GT-R outside of Japan and India's fastest drag car!

Started with Suzuki Swifts in late ’80s, winning every race for two years straight in the process, at the hands of Andrej Pavicevic. Won three Australian Production Car Championships in a row in ’94, ’95 (Swift) and ’96 (WRX). Constructed Dean Canto’s first circuit car, as well as being involved with many other big names.

CRD loves to have its hand in every pie, so it has also been involved with the Drift Battle Silvia, Motive S13 / S14 drift Silvia and Mazda Australia MX-5 drift car.